PhiSombre Brows?

PhiSombre Brows is a technique of eyebrows shading performed with Permanent Make-up device. Pigments are used to achieve very natural 'soft powder' effect. PhiSombre can be described as a kind of art in Permanent Make up where the artist will learn how to work with a colour accurately, graduate with the shades and work in layers to achieve a very natural result. This way of shading gives the most natural soft result which replaces a daily make up and saves time for your clients.

The programme of the course is very informative as the training material contains everything from dermatology to how to perform a treatment. It is a perfect option for those who want to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and services!


With PhiSombre training you will learn all the fundamentals of:

  • Dermatology
  • Colours theory
  • Skin types
  • Skin problems
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • The technique of the correct work
  • The ways to achieve best healed results.

When to use this pro­ce­dure?

  • When the client is not satisfied with the shape and thickness of natural eyebrows
  • For anyone who has lost eyebrow hair due to plucking or diseases
  • Image changes on the face
  • Covering anomalies

PhiSombre Advantages

  • Natural looking results
  • Replaces the need for real make-up
  • Correction of face asymmetry
  • For all skin types
  • Tissue heals quickly

PhiSombre can be described as a side of the art in Permanent Make up, where artist will learn how correctly work with a colour, graduate with the shades and work in layers to achieve very natural result. Training is and for beginners, and for experienced artists. This way of shading gives most natural soft result which replaces daily make up and save up time for your clients.

contraindications & precautions

  • Learn the technique of correct work
  • Learn how to achieve best healed results

Our courses are available in the traditional way, workshop, and online.
Online and workshop course have the same programe and after graduation student receives the same certificate, and students will be published at Phibrows world map. Difference is only that in workshop students have two-day live course where they become familiar with practice and basic problems of the technique and skin.

Live training

Total price is £1550+VAT. A deposit of £450 should be paid for the advance registration to book your slot. The rest of the amount is paid before the training to confirm your participation. The Starter Kit* is included in the total price.

Online training

Total price is £1200+VAT. The Starter Kit* is included in the total price. If you wish to combine Online training and live practice - you only pay the difference.

Advantages of workshop and online courses


Most students consider the workshop environment beneficial for learning because they can interact with the Master and other students. Especially for people who learn better through cooperative activities and group work, the possibility of asking questions and receiving immediate answers is important.


The learning atmosphere of the workshops helps students to stay focused and keeps them motivated.


In a workshop environment, learning begins with the teacher sharing his knowledge with students, proceeds with discussions between the teacher and the students and ends with the new information written in notebooks.

Lower Costs

Going the online route can significantly cut the cost.
Also, since you learn online and from the comfort of your own home, you won't need to pay for room and board.

Less Pressure

Taking a class online means that you can read and learn the material and do the work on your own time. Doing course work on your own means less pressure to keep up with other students in the class since you'll be working individually rather than in a group.


Hop online at any time and check out what assignment is due next or what chapters you need to read. With the flexibility of online classes, you can prioritize your time and work on your own pace.

Participating the workshop or online course you will also receive PhiSombre kit, which contains materials needed for professional treatment. The kit contain all the possible tools and equipment which you will need:


  • 1 x Golden Brown (PhiContour)
  • 1 x Brown 1 (PhiContour)
  • 1 x Brown 2 (PhiContour)
  • 1 x Thinner
  • 1 x Set (3 pieces) of blank skins
  • 1 x Skin Candy
  • 1 x Mixer
  • 2 x Brown pencils
  • 1 x Patch
  • 3 x Aftercare wipes

Notice: PhiSombre technique is performed by the machine. We may recommend you a few options:

  • Simplicity Artist Machine (€480.00)
  • Simplicity Master Machine (€900.00)
  • Zen Machine (€1,800.00)

You are welcome with your own machine.


According the new regulations in United Kingdom which is been implemented recently, as of September 2018, every Microblading artist is required to obtain permission from the local council to undertake Microblading treatments and as well is required to held an Level 4 – Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques. This certificate can be obtained only in accredited training centres.
From the research we have undertake we become aware that those who want to learn Microblading technique are not familiar with the latest changes in regards the regulations, and as well the majority of trainers and Microblading schools do not provide information in regards the need and the possibilities of becoming certified.

PhiSombre Brows





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