Dovile Zilinskaite is the founder of PhiAcademy London and the main PhiBrows Microblading and PhiSombre Brows trainer in the United Kingdom. She is one of a few Grand Masters of PhiAcademy in the world and only one in the United Kingdom. During the five years experience with PHI, she has succeeded in developing, innovating and creating new techniques, transferring her knowledge to a generous number of students. With over 1000 students she become one of the most succesful Masters in PhiAcademy. Dovile has transformed her passion for the perfect eyebrows into an art and created her own shading technique - PhiSombre. This technique immediately became very popular among artists as well as their customers.

“Highly motivated, inspiring, perfectionist, extremely charming snd supportive”, - that‘s how students speak about Dovile.

If you want to know more about her, check out her story on PhiTv. On PhiTV PhiAcademy share interesting content and information, but the special focus are interviews with famous Artists from beauty industry.

„I worked to invent something different, because my personal practise over years made me realise that trends never can be followed.
The best result is to enhance the beauty of clients and will save up so many of their precious time these busy days““