Phibrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which eyebrow shape is calculated according to face morphology and golden proportion (phi 1.618). It is manual process of inserting pigment below epidermis and the upper part of the reticular dermis of the skin. This procedure is performed manually using sterile disposable tools and using pigment that matches the natural color of the client's eyebrows. The result is very realistic because we follow only natural hair growth of eyebrows during the work, we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. This is done using PhiBrows application while the eyes are closed because it relaxes the mimic muscles that can affect the symmetry of the eyebrows. In order to successfully perform the treatment, the skin must not be damaged or undergoing regeneration from any skin disease, procedure or other problems.

  • Blade and Shade Disposable Tool 30 pcs
  • Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit 1 pc.
  • PhiBlade U 304 50 pcs
  • PhiWipes Asept 5 pcs
  • PhiWipes MakeUp Remover 5 pcs
  • Skin Candy After Care Balm 10mL 1 pc.
  • Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 10mL 1 pc.
  • Skin Candy Anti Shock 2 10 mL 1 pc.
  • Skin Candy Sun Sweat Protection After Care Cream 10 mL 1 pc.
  • Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel 10mL 1 pc.
  • Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50 pcs
  • PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
  • PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
  • PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
  • PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
  • PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
  • PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
  • PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
  • PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
  • Stroke Marker 10mL 1 pc.
  • PhiGlow Holder 1 pc.
  • BB Compass 1 pc.
  • Scissors and Tweezers 1 pc.
  • Mirror 1 pc.
  • Sunglasses 1 pc.
  • PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set 2 pcs

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Do I need previous experience?

For PhiBrows course, you do not need any previous experience and knowledge in the field of cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. Every student has to start from the basic level, whether he is a doctor, a lawyer, a graphic designer, a beautician, or has no previous work experience. With the PhiBrows Course, you also get a skin expert course for free.

Skin Expert is necessary for all beginners to acquire the vital skin knowledge necessary for this type of work. In addition to the Skin Expert with PhiBrows Course, you get a free course on hygiene and the basics of marketing in the beauty industry (First Class Service).



How fast I can return my investment?


Return of Investment PhiBrows PREMIUM Course

One treatment per week

value of investment for a course
Live £3550 (ex. VAT)
Online £2450 (ex. VAT)

earnings from the treatment
£250 - £300

average time for which investment is returner
1-3 months

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